Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Claire's Machine (part 2)

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The next week, (I'd been laying around at home to recover) I decided to drive by Claire's house again, just to see what she was up to, and hope for maybe a soft squeeze to my balls. I parked on the side of the curb, turned my car off, and son of a bitch if the gadget didn't start squeezing the life out of my balls. I was floored in my own car, screaming in agony. After about 20 seconds of unbearable torment, the pressure stopped. I looked over to the house and saw Claire looking out a window smiling mischievously at me. I started my car and started to drive away when the pain returned again, worse than anything Claire had ever done to me before! I lost control of my car, and it drove up onto the neighbors lawn where I managed to fight through the pain and hit the brake.

Claire walked out of her house and shouted "don't try to run away from me again. This thing has a nice long range." The pressure stopped and she dragged me out of my car. "You have five minutes to get into my house. I have a little surprise for you."

The last thing I needed was another surprise from Claire. What if she was planning to pop my balls? To take my means of being a father away from me? All just for her mere entertainment? I didn't want to go in, but at this point I knew I had no choice.

I walked in to the house and Claire led me to a guest bedroom. She sat me down on the bed and started stripping me. Once I was completely naked in front of her, she pressed a button on her iPhone and the device released itself completely from my balls. 

Freedom! I started to get up from the bed, but she pushed me back down gently and began stripping herself.

"This is part of the surprise!" Claire whispered to me as she got into the bed with me. She pulled the covers over us and hit a couple buttons on her iPhone to shut the lights off and close the curtains. After all, we didn't need to see. She grabbed my dick softly and directed it into her amazing pussy. The minutes that followed turned out to be the best sex of my life! I'd never had such an explosive orgasm! 

Immediately after I came, Claire reached down and squeezed my balls with all her girly might. "Now," she said, "you're going to come back into that other room again. Your balls will be more subject to pain in the time after you cum."

Claire led me to the room with the machine and locked me into it. "He's locked in!" She shouted. A sound came from the corner of the room. Oh my God... it was Natalie. The room was dark, but I could tell it was her by her medium-length blonde hair, her amazing blue eyes, and her 5'2" slim figure.

"So," Natalie said "I guess I get to play with your balls again. Too bad for you!" She pressed the button and the clamps came down on my precious fruits. What followed was the worst ball pain I'd ever experienced in my life! I was screaming at the top of my lungs, but soon I could barely make noise come out of my mouth. I looked into Natalie's beautiful eyes, begging for mercy, but she just smiled mischievously as I spiraled down into unconsciousness.

I woke up in the guest bed again, balls still aching like a bitch. Wait... I felt something else on the bed. I looked to the other side of the bed and found Natalie there, wide awake and looking at me. She was naked, as was I.

"Hey Dylan," she said, "you've been passed out for hours. It's almost 11:00! Do you want to... maybe... I don't know... have some fun?" She started stroking my dick, making it spring into action within seconds. She looked at me with her pretty blue eyes, and said "you know what to do!" I grabbed her hips and thrusted my dick into her pussy, which resulted in a feeling of ecstasy! "Harder!" She shouted, and I went harder than I ever had in my life! I exploded all over her pussy, and she grabbed me by the balls. "Glad you're enjoying yourself," she said, "now I need you to help me cum. Don't worry, I'll be nice!" She squeezed a little more, and I moaned in complete agony. But then he surprised me when she went down to my crotch with her face. Was she going to give me a blowjob? She started locking my dick, but soon concentrated on my balls. She took one in her mouth and positioned it between her teeth. "Don't worry, I won't try to pop it!" She said before she clamped her teeth on my helpless testicle. Rubbing herself sensually, she moaned in pleasure as she dealt out punishment on my right ball. 

About ten seconds later, her pussy flooded with cum and she shook in orgasm. Her teeth clamped down uncontrollably, and I screamed in agony. I think she may have ruptured it. She let up, and began apologizing for hurting me so badly. 

I just laid there and moaned in pain. "It's alright I guess," I replied, but inside I wasn't sure if it was alright. "You know," she said, "I kinda want to be more than friends." She began kissing me gently, and I realized everything will be alright...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Claire's Machine

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This story was inspired by:

Enjoy! :)

Claire was a sweet girl, a year younger than me, about 5'6", long hair and soft-skinned. She also happened to be insanely rich!

Then you have me, a nobody who could only dream about getting a shot with Claire. But, one day I got a text from an unidentified number. It read "hey Dylan, it's Claire! Do you wanna hang out at my place? I wanna try something with you!" She included her address.

Well... This just about made me cream in my shorts on the spot! I quickly replied "yeah! I'll be there in 10 minutes!" To which she relied, "can't wait ;)"

I quickly drive to her house, knocked on the door, and Claire invited me into her home. "I have everything set up in the back can take your clothes off in the bathroom first. Sound good?" My massive erection made her giggle and say "that looks like a yes! Go get undressed!"

I quickly got undressed in her bathroom, and walked to the back room she was talking about. As soon as I opened the door, Claire came up to me in just her bra and panties. "Close your eyes," she said, "you'll love this!" I closed my eyes and she led me by the hand through the room until we stopped about 30 feet in.

"Lay down on this" she said. Eyes still closed, my hand was directed to what felt like a recliner. I laid down in it, and she said "you'll be able to open your eyes in just a minute." I felt something circle around my arms and legs, and got a bit worried.

"Okay Dylan, open them!" Claire said as another bar circled my torso. "This machine is currently the best testicular torture machine on the market! And I'm going to test it out on you!"

Something probed my junk, separated my balls, and clamped down on them just enough to have a grip. I squirmed a bit, but then the slight ache from the clamp made me stop.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked her.

"I'm testing it on you, and I plan to use it on a few of the douchebags at school." (She was a high-school senior) "I'll simply lure them here like I just lured you, and get them into this contraption. Then I make them promise to do whatever I want or pay the price."

I dared not ask what the price was, but she kinda read my mind.

"What is the price, you ask?" she said. "Well, you're about to find out!" She pushed a button and the machine clamped down on my balls at a frightening pressure. I started screaming in agony and Claire just laughed at me. "Aww..." she said, "my machine is too much for your little balls?" She laughed again as waves of horrible ball pain shot through my body. Eventually, she pushed another button that made the clamps let up. I started sobbing quietly and Claire clapped happily. "This is great!" She said.

"Claire...please..." I managed to spit out, "let me go! It hurts so bad! I just wanna die when you do that to me!"

"Oh, you mean when I do this?" She said as she hit another button. The clamps tightened again and I screamed bloody murder. My nuts were on fire, and there was nothing I could do to make it stop! All I could do was sit there and endure whatever she did to me. I was completely at her mercy. Or the lack thereof. Claire turned the machine off again and I kept blubbering like a whiny child.

"I'll let you go on one condition," she said, "I'm going to strap this little contraption onto your junk, just as a little insurance package. Pardon the pun. I want to test this thing out, plus I don't want you blabbing your mouth off to anybody about my little machine. Got it?"

I nodded my head 'yes,' still sobbing from the unbearable ache in my balls. Claire released me from the machine, but promptly snapped a little metal gadget onto my junk. She pulled out her iPhone, pressed a few buttons, and the pain shot up my abdomen again. I dropped to the ground, and the pressure stopped.

"Just had to make sure it works. And for your information, I really don't care how much pain I put you in. I could pop your worthless testicles with this little thing and think nothing of it!" Wow...I was terrified! This sweet girl had just completely dominated me, and didn't care at all if she castrated me! For some reason, I couldn't help but be just a little bit turned on...

[To be continued]

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chloe's Powers (part 1)

This story was inspired by a pretty girl I met last summer. We'll pretend her name is Chloe. Even though she's quite shy and seems submissive, I have always had fantasies of her mercilessly dominating me. I should stress that ALL of this is fictional! (I wouldn't have a chance with a girl as beautiful as her!)
Partially unrelated, this story has a really long beginning with a science fiction element to it, (trust me, it's worth it!) because I have a love of sci-fi! (along with BB, of course!)
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Enjoy! X) -Dylan

Not too long ago, I was entering a relationship with a girl named Chloe. She was a beautiful girl, about 5'8", she had long, straight blond hair, glowing blue eyes, and skinny legs that took my breath away! Little did I know, Chloe would soon establish herself as a very dominant person in the relationship.

One calm summer day, I was hanging out at Chloe's house. Her parents were gone for the next few days, so we had the house to ourselves! We went for a walk down the trail behind her house, and came up to a river. The river wasn't necessarily the cleanest, there were a lot of different aquatic animals swimming around in it, but nonetheless it still looked nice.

Chloe said "hey Dylan, let's go wading!"

"Sure!" I replied, and I took my shoes off. Chloe just kicked off her flip flops and I started to admire her bare feet stepping lightly on the grass.

Her voice snapped me out of my "trance," so to speak, saying "are you coming or not?" She giggled as I promptly lifted my head up and started walking toward her in a manner meant to make her laugh.

We held hands as we walked into the river, about shin-deep. The water was flowing slowly, and we felt a couple of animals swimming around our legs. I spotted a dark, weird-looking animal up ahead about 30 feet, and said "hey Chloe, we should get out."

"Why?" She asked. I pointed to the dark figure making its way towards us and we both started to head for shore. The dark figure slithered in front of Chloe when we were almost out. She kicked it, and a bright flash followed instantaneously. I heard her scream, but I immediately blacked out.

I woke up on the grass next to the river, and looked to the side to see Chloe still laying there, either sleeping or unconscious. She had burn marks on her legs, and a large scratch on her foot. I shook her just a bit to try to wake her up, and she came to after about 30 seconds.

"What happened?" She asked when she saw her marks.

"I'm not sure," I responded, "I blacked out right when you screamed. I feel like a huge asshole for not being there for you."

"No, it's fine," she said, "I just wish we had gotten out of there quicker!"

Suddenly, her eyes moved to something about 20 feet ahead of us. "What the hell is that?" She asked. It looked like the dark thing that had chased us earlier. I stood up to go see it, and it looked like an electric eel! Oh crap...was Chloe going to be okay? She tried to stand up, but whimpered in pain.

"No, don't.. I'll carry you." I said. She looked at me with a beautiful smile and said "Thanks, Dylan!" I carried her up to her bed and laid her down. She drifted off to sleep, so I sat down in a chair in her room and did the same.

I woke up a couple hours later, and Chloe wasn't in her bed anymore. Hmm... I left her room and found her alone in the living room. I came up and sat down next to her on the couch.

"How are your marks feeling?" I asked.

Chloe smiled and said "look, silly, they're gone!" I couldn't believe it! Had I been dreaming? I could've sworn there was a huge burn along her leg! "Dylan, something weird and cool happened back there."

Confused, I asked "What do you mean?"

"Well," she said, "I seem to have gotten psychokinesis or something!"

"Psychokinesis?" I asked.

"Yeah," she replied, "it's a whole bunch of things that involve my mind controlling different things!"

"Oh, that's wonderful, babe," I said, worried, "is that why your leg is better now?"

"Yeah," Chloe replied, "I can heal myself and others almost instantly! But that's not nearly all I can do!"

"Well what else can you do?" I asked, trembling.

"Oh, let's see," she said, "I have telekinesis, levitation, transmutation... and a few other little ones! I looked it all up online after I woke up in mid-air."

I asked "So what are you gonna do with them?" THAT turned out to be a stupid question!

"Well, Dylan," she said, "I do remember a while ago reading something you had written down in your phone about me hurting your balls, so I might play with that a bit!" Okay, I was excited, but scared to death! Did she know what she was doing?"

Chloe concentrated, and I soon felt the horrible feeling of my balls being squeezed, and I promptly asked her to stop. Thankfully, she did. Al least for now.

"You know," she said, "I think I could really get into this whole idea of me controlling you like this! It sounds fun! Let's see how else I can control you!" She looked intently at me and my pants started to slide down, followed by my boxers. Chloe suddenly took my dick and balls in her hands, and they grew. Not like "boner" grew, I mean like "holy crap, I now have an 18 inch dick" grew! And, huge balls too!

"I can make your junk grow to massive proportions, or make it appear nonexistent! But, there's something else I have to show you!" Suddenly my balls started to ache really bad again. She was mentally squeezing the life out of them! I collapsed on the ground begging her to stop, but she kept her supernatural grip on my grapes. Ten seconds later, both of my testicles exploded. I blacked out again.

I woke up to see Chloe's beautiful face smiling down at me, my body still shaking from pain.

I started crying. "Why did you do that, Chloe? I needed those!"

Chloe embraced me and said "don't worry! I can bring them back!" With that, she mentally undressed me again, and looked at my ruined junk. She put her hand where my balls used to be and I whined in pain. Her fingers massaged the remains of my balls, but then they seemed to be...growing back...what? Sure enough, I looked down at my crotch and my balls were both there again! I barely felt any pain anymore either! Chloe smiled and giggled at me again.

"See, Dylan?" She asked, "I can bring them back just like that! Wanna make sure they work?" She asked seductively. I nodded yes, and she lifted me up with her mind. We both levitated up to her room, got into her bed, and had the most intense sex I'd ever experienced! I creamed five times, proving my testicles to be fully operational! I couldn't believe it, I was so happy! We fell asleep in each other's arms.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Elizabeth's Friends

Hey guys! This story is the last of the older batch...everything after now will have had a LOT more thought and effort put into it. (idk, I can get self-critical sometimes. I'm making improvements in the new stuff I'm writing)
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Enjoy! -Dylan

Dylan's sister Elizabeth is having a couple of friends over: Sara and Emile. They are the only ones in the house at the current point in time, and Dylan is watching TV while the girls gossip and stuff in Elizabeth's room. Eventually, the girls get bored. Elizabeth goes out to the kitchen to make the other girls a snack.
Sara and Emile stand in the dining room, observing Dylan just sitting on the couch watching some dumb TV show. Emile notices him with his legs spread wide open, and whispers to Sara "watch this." "What are you watching, Dylan" Emile asks as she walks up between his knees. Dylan shouts "COPS! NOW MOVE!" Emile inches closer until she is about a foot away from her target, and she says "Don't talk to a lady like that, Dylan." He scoffs "why? You need to learn to stay in your place!" Angered, Emile raises her foot, and drives her heel right into Dylan's crotch. She yells "YOU need to learn YOUR place! And this is the perfect way for you to learn!" She steps down brutally on Dylan's vulnerable balls.
Sara walks over, and says to Emile "that looks like fun! I want to put him in his place!" Emile steps out to let Sara walk in between Dylan's legs. Sara lifts her bare foot up and taps Dylan's balls. She giggles as he winces. Then she digs her toes into his jewels, messing around with them and twisting her foot around. Dylan rolls off the couch onto the ground, legs still spread apart. Emile kicks a couple times, and Sara does the same.
Elizabeth walks out of the kitchen just in time to see Sara lift her foot off of Dylan's balls. Elizabeth walks over and looks down at him. "Elizabeth, help me up." Dylan says, but Elizabeth smiles and shakes her head 'no'. "Dylan," Elizabeth says, "all girls go through a phase where they experiment with kicking brothers in the balls. It's just a fun part of growing up!" With that, she steps on his balls, and then kicks a couple times.
Sara then comes up with an idea and says "then why don't we just take turns hitting him in the balls? Elizabeth, is it alright with you if we practice kicks and punches and squeezes and stuff on your brother's balls?" Elizabeth nods her head in agreement and slaps Dylan's balls with her foot. The girls tie Dylan up in a standing position with his legs spread to allow easy access to their target. Elizabeth says "you know, Dylan, you're actually being a real good guy, because Emile doesn't have a brother to torture his balls, and Sara's brother Ken is too young for it to hurt him! You're doing these two girls a good favor!"
With Dylan tied up, Emile walks up to him and repeatedly front-kicks him in the balls. Then she turns her back to him and says "go ahead, try to take me down!" Dylan manages to get Emile's neck between his elbows. Emile simply elbows Dylan in the stomach, and kicks behind her, hitting her target.
Elizabeth says she's going to watch TV in another room, but tells Emile and Sara they can torture Dylan as long and much as they want. Sara lowers Dylan's ropes a bit so he's in a sitting position again. She sits on a chair, and rests her bare foot on Dylan's delicate orbs, pressing down frequently and smiling at Dylan, while enjoying her new position of power.
Then Sara begins to use her feet to play with Dylan's package. Occasionally she kicks, but she mostly squeezes his junk between her feet. After that, Sara puts her feet down and uses her hands to torture Dylan's balls. She actually pinches his balls a couple times, really causing Dylan a lot of pain at Sara's amusement.
Emile comes back in, and violently 'German gas-pedals' Dylan's balls. Then she takes his balls in her hands, (one ball in each hand) and randomly squeezes hard... soft... really whatever she feels like doing at the exact moment, until she's satisfied with Dylan's pleas for her to stop.
Sara unties Dylan, who doesn't have much fight in him, and stands him up. Suddenly, she snaps her bare foot right in between his legs, feeling his balls get crushed up into his crotch. Dylan drops to the ground.
Sara looks down at Dylan, still giggling. She teases him saying "what's the matter, Dylan? Is my soft girlie foot too much for a big boy like you?" She giggles as she puts her toes on his balls, and prepares to squeeze his balls with her toes.
Sara teases "uh-oh Dylan, look at the trouble you're in now! My foot can make you hurt a lot, or it can be a nice massage!" She quickly squeezes hard, then relaxes. Giggling, she goes "Beg me not to squeeze again, and I might do it softer this time!" Dylan just groans from Sara's previous squeeze, and Sara decides to say "time's up!" She squeezes hard for about 10 seconds, while Dylan comes close to passing out. Sara completely releases Dylan from her killer grip.
After allowing Dylan 3 minutes to recover, Emile stands on his crotch for about 15 seconds, moving Dylan's little orbs around with the instep of her foot. She steps off, and kicks him one more time for fun.
Sara has Emile hold Dylan up for her final performance. Once Dylan is in an upright position, Sara brings her foot up to Dylan's sore ballsack. she flicks her foot up, and Dylan winces in pain. Sara giggles. Then, without warning, she kicks him hard in the balls 5 times. As a finisher, she performs a well-aimed karate kick on his jewels, which makes him drop to the ground again, making both girls giggle.
Elizabeth comes back out from watching TV, and sees the situation. She says "alright girls, that's enough for one day. I still want to have nephews from him, you know... but don't worry, next time you two are over, I'll let you do it again!"

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hey guys, I'm back! This is just a little story I wrote a while back, and now is its time to shine!
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Enjoy! -Dylan

Kylie lives in a small town where Dylan's mom grew up. Kylie is Dylan's 2nd cousin, and the two hang out whenever Dylan is in town. One day, Dylan comes over and they watch a martial arts movie. The girl in this particular movie tends to take guys down by hitting them in the balls, and Kylie laughs every time, and makes a couple gestures of hitting Dylan there as a joke. The movie finishes, and Kylie is in the mind state of the girl in the movie. Dylan, who is kinda having a lazy summer, asks Kylie to make him a sandwich. Kylie refuses, and Dylan asks again, a little more stern. Kylie refuses again, and Dylan gets up and pushes Kylie into the kitchen. "Make me a sandwich!" Dylan yells. But instead of making a sandwich for him, Kylie walks up to Dylan, and suddenly grabs him by the balls. She yanks a couple times to get the point across that she's in control now. She digs her nails in a little, and leads Dylan to her room, where she intends to practice martial arts moves on him.
Kylie gets up on her bed, having Dylan follow her. When they're on the bed, Kylie squeezes and relaxes her grip on Dylan's balls until he has to lie down on the bed. Kylie keeps Dylan's legs spread so she has a clear view of her target. She kicks her instep down on his balls a couple times, then stops to think of some moves to use that resembled the girl in the movie. She gets a couple ideas for moves, so she decides to get Dylan to stand up. She puts her bare foot right on Dylan's crotch, finds his balls, and squeezes them with her toes. She says "you're going to be my practice dummy for karate moves. I'll hit lightly, but if you try to leave, I won't hit so light..." she steps on his balls, "or fair." she says. She releases Dylan from her painful grip, and he gets off of her bed. Kylie gives Dylan five minutes to partially recover, but keeps a hand by his balls just in case.
After five minutes, Kylie makes Dylan stand up, and repeatedly front-kicks his balls a few times until he falls down again. Kylie forces Dylan to stand back up. She tells him to pretend to try and rape her. He goes through the motions of an attacker, but is met with a strong girl's hand clamped on his balls yet again. Almost immediately, that girl’s hand squeezes hard, and Dylan falls back down. Kylie rests her foot on Dylan's crotch to keep him down for a minute as she puts her hair in a ponytail. Whenever Dylan tries to get up, she steps down hard. Once she finishes with her ponytail, she kicks Dylan's chest so he momentarily stays down. Her foot moves down to his package again, and she kicks it a couple times at half-strength. "Get back up, now!" she tells him. After a minute of recovering, Dylan gets back up, and Kylie tells him to try to attack her. She goes through motions in her head of hitting his balls with her foot twice to knock him down, and grabbing them with the intent of removal.
Dylan attacks, punching Kylie in the boob. She grabs it in pain, and says "I don't care if we're related, I'm going to really teach you a lesson!"Dylan disregards Kylie's statement, and attempts to punch her other boob. Kylie grabs Dylan's arm, and delivers three swift kicks to his balls, stomach, and throat. Dylan bends over a little bit in pain and Kylie front-kicks Dylan in the balls three times to knock him down. She ties his ankles to her bedposts. She also ties his hands together behind his head.
With Dylan tied up on the floor, Kylie practices kicks all over his body, including his balls. This lasts for about 10 minutes. Then, Kylie sits down on her bed, facing Dylan, and uses his crotch as her footrest. In her new position, Kylie decides to torture Dylan's balls with her feet. She squeezes them with her toes, she squishes them between her feet, and she bounces them on the top of her feet. This continues for about 5 minutes, as Dylan is pleading Kylie to stop, and is on the verge of tears.
Kylie unties Dylan and helps him up. She apologizes and asks "so will you respect me a little more now?" Dylan says nothing, and Kylie's hand works its way to his balls. Dylan quickly nods his head 'yes.' "Good." Kylie says."Now, why don't you go pick out a movie and lay down on the couch so you can recover? I'll make you a sandwich." They watch the movie, and when it's time for Dylan to leave, Kylie says "today was a really fun day!" She smiles mischievously and says "I can't wait until the next time you're in town.." ;)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busted (and SHOCKED!) by Popular Girls (part 2)

You know what? I know I said new stories were coming out in April, but I just couldn't wait to share this one with you! SEQUEL!!! X) I just ask that you leave comments n stuff. Enjoy! -Dylan

It has been about two weeks, Sadie has done a TON of ballbusting on Dylan in that time, and Dylan is starting to want out of the relationship. The hotness of his girlfriend just isn't worth the abuse she is dealing on his balls. Anyway, Dylan hangs out at Sadie's house almost every day, which is where this story begins...

Cari often likes to flirt with Dylan. Unknown to Cari is the fact that Dylan just got into a relationship with Cari's friend Sadie. One day, Cari stops Dylan in the hall after school, and has him sit down next to her by her locker. She says she wants to hang out with him. (She says this while working her fingers up and down his thighs.) Dylan is hesitant, but soon agrees when Cari lightly squeezes his balls.

Later in the afternoon, Dylan and Sadie are seeing a movie at the theater. During the movie, Dylan gets a text from Cari about meeting her the next day. Cari asks for an address to meet him at, and Dylan gives her Sadie's address, since he will be at her house most of the day tomorrow anyway, and Cari and Sadie are probably friends anyway...

Sadie notices Dylan texting, and asks who it is. Dylan puts his phone in his pocket quickly, and says "nobody...just a friend of mine." Sadie gets suspicious, and thoughts of crushing Dylan's package in her hands fill her head during the movie. During the rest of the movie, she occasionally reaches down at Dylan's balls, and squeezes them. (not too lightly either.) The movie finishes, and they make out at her house before he goes home. Dylan gets home and receives a text from Cari flirting with him again. Dylan does his best to warn her off, and hopes it was good enough.

The next day, Dylan goes back to Sadie's house, and they snuggle on the couch. Sadie asks Dylan in her soft voice "so who were you texting last night at the movie?" Her fingers wiggle around in his crotch until she finds his grapes, and takes them in her hand. She begins to "strongly encourage" Dylan to tell her. "Well," Dylan replies, "a friend of mine wants to visit, and I told them I'd be here. Is that okay?" Sadie looks at Dylan with a "really, are you serious?" face, but says "yeah, I guess it should be okay." Sadie massages Dylan's package until they hear a knock at the door. Sadie goes to answer it while Dylan lays on the couch.

Sadie answers the door and sees...Cari? "What is she doing here?" Sadie asks herself. "She's not who Dylan was talking about, is she?" Sadie lets Cari in, and the two girls go to the living room. Sadie sits down by Dylan while Cari sits in another chair. Dylan starts to think he may have made a dumb move. His thoughts are confirmed when Cari moves over to sit by him.

Cari smiles at Dylan and asks him "so why are you at Sadie's house?" Sadie is a little shocked. She finds her remote in her pocket in case she decides Dylan needs to be punished. Dylan replies "well Cari, Sadie and I are dating now." Cari goes from happy to really sad. "Dylan," she whines, "I wanted to be your girlfriend!" She hugs him while fake crying.

Sadie snaps "alright that's enough" and she shocks Dylan's balls. Cari's eyes get wide and she smiles. "How did you do that?" Cari asks Sadie. Sadie shows Cari her remote, and pushes the button again to demonstrate a second time. Dylan is still slightly sore on the couch as Cari asks Sadie for the remote. Sadie hesitates, but soon gives Cari her remote and says "just don't sterilize him. Eventually I want a kid or two with him." Cari smiles and looks down at her new torture subject. She presses the button, and giggles when Dylan jumps and grabs his balls in pain. "This is really fun, Dylan!" Cari says. "Sadie is a lucky girl! Not every girl gets to shock a guy's balls!" Cari shocks Dylan again. He lies down in pain on the floor and Cari stands over him. She pulls his pants down (after asking Sadie for permission) so his boxer briefs outline his privates. She uses her toes to play with his balls, and she giggles at Dylan's different pained reactions. Cari stops, and says "I need to go to the bathroom. Be right back!" While Cari is gone, Sadie takes advantage of Dylan's position so she can get answers.

Sadie takes the top of Dylan's entire ballsack between her toes, and tugs. Slightly pissed, she asks "what is she doing here?" Dylan, who is now in a ton of pain, says "I don't know! She's flirted with me since 8th grade! I never told her I liked her!" Sadie replies with a warning. "Well, if she kisses you or anything like that, I'll let it go at the time. But if something like that does happen, I'll pop one of your balls when she leaves." She finds Dylan's right testicle with her big toe and presses down. "This one will go if Cari tries anything. Got it?" She presses down a lot harder until Dylan quickly nods his head 'yes.' Cari comes back out of the bathroom. Sadie sits back down as Cari walks over to Dylan. She looks down at him, and then she sits down on the ground with her feet in his balls. She continues to play with and pinch his balls to her heart's desire. However, Cari soon gets bored and decides she needs a thrill.

Without warning, she suddenly uses her feet to squeeze Dylan's balls as hard as she can for about 10 seconds. While Dylan is neutralized, Cari advances on him, kissing him, and rubbing her hips against his dick. Then Cari shocks his balls, and then she just stops. She sits back up on the couch by Sadie, gives Sadie her remote back, and after a minute, says "well that was fun, Dylan! See you later!" As soon as the door closes, Dylan looks up at Sadie, who has the remote in her hand, and is ready to pop one of his balls.

Dylan tries to crawl away, but Sadie shocks him, and holds her button down until Dylan almost passes out. She goes "Cari crossed the line. Now you're going to be punished for it. That right testicle is going to be flattened!" Dylan lays down on his front to try to keep his balls away from Sadie, but she just digs around his crotch with her foot, finds his grapes, and steps on them anyway. Dylan is forced to turn over from the pain. Sadie kneels down and takes Dylan's balls through his shorts in both hands. She begins squeezing, increasing her pressure gradually. She stops when Dylan is on the verge of passing out again. Sadie takes the opportunity to set Dylan up for the pop.

Sadie props Dylan up so he kneels down next to the coffee table in her living room. She pulls down his boxer briefs to show his naked dick and balls. She takes them and puts them on the cold coffee table. Then she stands on the coffee table. Sadie decides she wants to add a little spice to the special occasion, so she uses her toes to play with Dylan's dick, making him go hard. She has even more fun with it once it's hard. She even decides to step on it with her full weight a couple times. Soon, she goes "alright, warm-up's over. Time for the real deal." She puts her big toe on Dylan's right testicle.

Sadie uses her big toe on Dylan's defenseless right testicle, and presses down hard and soft for about 20 seconds. Dylan begs Sadie to stop and reconsider, but Sadie is having too much fun! She doesn't want to stop! She puts her right heel on Dylan's right testicle, but stands on her left foot for the moment. "You know I love you, Dylan," says Sadie, "but you do need to be kept in line. Doing this will pretty much keep you from trying to cheat on me, because then you'd have to explain missing one testicle at your young age of 16! Plus, you're letting your girlfriend have fun, which is very important! Beg me not to crush your little nut! Beg me!" Sadie shakes her ass in Dylan's face as she starts to apply a little bit of pressure from her heel. Dylan pleads Sadie to spare his right nut, but Sadie just smiles and goes "I don't want to! This is too much fun!" Unexpectedly, she begins to lighten up on his nut, and Dylan breathes a quick sigh of relief. Then Sadie suddenly stands with her full weight on his testicle, and she hears the "CRUNCH" of Dylan's newly-popped nut. She giggles and says "oops!" Dylan passes out on the floor, and Sadie pokes at the pulp of what used to be one of Dylan's balls. She takes a small sample of his jizz and puts it in a vial, and stores it away.

Dylan wakes up the next day, and Sadie has Dylan's remaining testicle under her foot (as a joke) and says "that was really fun, Dylan! Hey, can you stand up yet?" Dylan slowly manages to stand up with Sadie's help. Sadie takes him by the hand and leads him to her closet. She opens a small box hidden in her closet to reveal a bunch of vials filled with what appears to be jizz. She points at one and says "yours is right here. Now you've joined all of my ex-boyfriends and good guy friends!" She points to another one and says "Like here's the remainder of Justin’s right nut! That's why he hangs out with me... he doesn't feel right being with anyone else, as I have physically owned him!" She giggles and squeezes Dylan’s remaining ball a couple times for fun. "Why do you collect it?" Dylan asks, still aching badly in his crotch. Sadie replies "well, if they start blabbing their mouths about how I was the one that changed their sexual lives, I will use their jizz vial to impregnate myself, and have a kid. Since the vial had their jizz, they would be proved the father by DNA testing. I have control of their lives at this point. Same with you, baby." She giggles some more.

They go back to the living room, and Dylan sits down to watch TV and recover. He is snuggling with Sadie, who pampers him a bit to help him recover. After all, she still wants a kid with him eventually...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Jordyn The Black-Belt

It is a quiet sunny day in late Spring, and Dylan is almost done with 8th grade.
Jordyn (5'4" and above-average) is a girl in 6th grade that has already earned her black belt in tae-kwon-do. She makes it a habit to hang around by herself at the park and find boys to bring to her house and practice her moves on. She doesn't hurt them very bad though.

Anyway, Dylan is walking through the park and Jordyn thinks to herself how great it would be if she could practice on a taller, older boy! She walks over to him, and they mingle a little bit.

After a few minutes, Jordyn invites Dylan into her house. "I just wanna mess around a little bit, if you know what I mean!" she says to him. He agrees and they go into her house and to her room. When Dylan walks in, he sees Jordyn's room decorated with a bunch of TKD medals and belts. "You're in TKD?" he asks. "Yeah" Jordyn replies, "it's nice for self-defense, and just for plain fun!" "What do you mean by that?" Dylan asks. "Well," Jordyn says, "I'm going to practice on you."

"I'm not letting you practice on me, that stuff's dangerous!" Dylan replies. Jordyn rolls her eyes and says "In practice, you don't hit full force. Just a light tap. Trust me, I could probably kill you with my bare hands and feet right now if I wanted to, but I'm not like that. I promise I won't injure you or anything like that." Dylan thinks for a few seconds and says "Alright I guess, as long as you don't injure me. So what do you want me to do?" "Oh, just stand over there and pretend to attack me." Jordyn replies. Dylan approaches and Jordyn punches and kicks his stomach, chest, neck and sides lightly. This goes on with no issue for about 10 minutes. Then, Jordyn has a first.

Dylan decides to try to dodge one of Jordyn's barefoot kicks, but it accidentally lands a light blow to his crotch area. Dylan immediately clutches his balls and kneels down. Very surprised, Jordyn asks "What did I hit?" "My balls! Come on!" Dylan groans. Jordyn asks "you mean it actually hurts THAT BAD for you guys to get hit there? I thought there was just a sensitive bone there or something, but I felt two little round things in my kick. How can they hurt so bad?" Dylan replies "I don't know, they just do." Jordyn allows Dylan to recover, and she gets ideas in her head...

Jordyn continue her practice moves, and every once in a while she fakes a fast kick to his groin area to see Dylan's worried reactions. Finally, she says "Okay, I think I'm done with practicing normal TKD on you, but now I want to experiment a little bit with those round things in your pants." Extremely worried about what might come, Dylan goes "Umm... that wouldn't be very good. They're naturally extremely sensitive." He really hopes he can change Jordyn's mind about his balls, but it doesn't seem likely.

Jordyn raises her small bare foot all the way up to Dylan's neck, (above her head!) kicks hard so his neck is trapped between her foot and a wall, and says "Need I remind you that I could kill you if I really felt like it... I would think me messing around with those balls of yours wouldn't be very bad compared to that!" Dylan can barely breathe. Jordyn releases him to give him a few lightning-fast barefoot kicks to his crotch, hitting his grapes each time. Dylan goes down, and Jordyn spreads his legs.

When Dylan's legs are spread, Jordyn feels around his crotch through his athletic shorts. She feels his dick and both testicles. She squeezes them hard quickly, and Dylan groans. Jordyn smiles in a mean way as she begins to remove his shorts. Jordyn sees the silhouette of Dylan's privates through his boxers, and violently plays with them for a couple of minutes, practically neutralizing him. Once he can't move, she decides to go one step further and pull his boxers off...since she wants to see what all of that "equipment" guys have looks like.

Jordyn giggles, since this is the first time she's seen a naked boy in her life! She starts lightly pinching Dylan's balls, surprised that even THAT hurts him! "hehe I have a new way to control boys now!" she says as she makes Dylan stand back up. "Now," Jordyn says, "I'm going to make up some new moves to hit your balls. If you piss me off, I'll hit harder. I'm not afraid to deal out a severe punishment!" Jordyn does a jump kick right into Dylan's crotch, and he groans. She practices other graceful movements that wind up hitting his naked grapes for about 10 minutes... some were practiced with Dylan on his knees for the pain! Dylan collapses to the ground, and Jordyn places her bare foot on his sore, swollen, naked balls, sliding them around under the instep of her little foot. She giggles when Dylan's eyes roll back and he almost passes out.

Jordyn allows Dylan a few minutes to recover a bit, then she makes him stand up again while she kneels down. She takes his naked testicles in her 6th grade hands and says "I'm going to give you a little endurance game. I'll squeeze your little grapes, but the closer to the ground you start to drop, the harder I get to squeeze. If you drop all the way, I get to squeeze to my heart's desire!" Jordyn giggles as she takes Dylan's testicles in her hands and squeezes lightly to get the game started.

Dylan begins to feel the dull pain from Jordyn's game, and he begins to drop just a little. He feels Jordyn's grip tighten around his sensitive parts, and he musters the strength to stand up completely again. "Oh yeah," Jordyn says, "and my grip doesn't loosen up if you stand all the way up have to fight the new level of pain!" She smiles up at Dylan as he struggles to stand up. Two whole minutes go by, and Dylan begins to slip down to the ground again, with Jordyn squeezing harder as a result. "Go on," Jordyn says, "hit the ground so I can REALLY have fun!" She slides Dylan's balls around in her small hands. Finally, he collapses on the floor and Jordyn laughs. "Thanks! Have fun staying conscious for this!"

With that, Jordyn pulls Dylan's testicles toward her and squeezes the life out of them with no mercy! Then, she puts a book under them and steps on them repeatedly. Dylan pleads for mercy, grabbing Jordyn's ankle. Jordyn responds with a dangerous, three-quarter-strength kick to his exposed testicles. Dylan blacks out for a few minutes. When he wakes back up, Jordyn is still resting her foot on his balls. "Dylan, this is part of the game! Tell you what, you can do one of three things for me to stop."

"What are my options?" Dylan asks. Jordyn gives a mean smile and says "1: you pass out again, from my squeezing. 2: I actually pop one or both of your testicles, cuz you know, I think it would be good for me to know exactly how easy it is in case I need to do it in self-defense. The 3rd, I don't think you'd even consider...I've always wanted a boy to do this, but I don't think you would." "I'll do anything for you to stop!" Dylan replies. Jordyn smiles a bit and says "Well, your 3rd option is to kiss my feet. Not just once, but a bunch." Jordyn waves her bare foot in Dylan's face seductively. "Your choice," she says as she begins her excessive torture again, "but choose fast!"

Without thinking, Dylan goes for Jordyn's feet and begins kissing them. She releases his balls and giggles because it tickles. After about 30 seconds, she says "okay, you can stop. That was good though, you'll probably be doing that again in the future if you know what's good for you!" Dylan lays on the floor in pain with his legs spread, his sore balls taunting Jordyn to finish them. "You know what," she says, "I changed my mind. We're doing all three!"

Dylan practically starts crying, realizing that his sexual life is going to be changed forever. Jordyn says "I'm sure you will pass out from being ruined, so it'll all be accomplished in one big pop!" She giggles as she props Dylan's body back up. Eventually he's able to stand, even though he doesn't want to. Jordyn takes a fighting stance.

Jordyn advances on Dylan with full-force; a punch to his chest sends him back a bit, and Jordyn throws a powerful kick into his stomach, her foot digging far into his broken body. Dylan collapses, and Jordyn kneels down to finish her objective. She takes his right testicle in her hand, and squeezes as hard as she can. Dylan screams in pain, tears streaming down his face. Jordyn moves the testicle in between her dangerous fingers, and presses them together with deadly pressure. A loud "POP" fills the room. Dylan's eyes roll back and he passes out.

Two hours later, Dylan wakes up to see Jordyn's foot right over his face, covered in what used to be his right testicle. "I smeared it around with my foot after you passed out." Jordyn said. "I wanted to pop your other one, but I think that can be your present to me on my sweet 16!" She giggles as she pokes at the empty part of Dylan's sack with her bare foot.